Premium Hearing Services in Ottawa

We at Bright Hearing strive to understand each client’s unique needs and lifestyle in forming a plan to help you hear more and hear better. Take the time you need to get your hearing aids programmed and working optimally by a caring, kind and patient hearing instrument specialist.

Hearing Evaluations

Hearing evaluations are crucial assessments that help diagnose and monitor auditory health

Programming & Servicing

Essential aspects of ensuring optimal auditory support for individuals with hearing loss.

Dizziness Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation to determine the underlying cause of their dizziness.

Tinnitus Evaluation

Assess and alleviate the persistent ringing or buzzing sounds in the ears through specialized therapies.

Ear Cleaning

Regular ear cleaning is important for maintaining the effectiveness of hearing aids.

Sound Sensitivity

Assesses an individual’s auditory perception and response to various levels and frequencies of sound.