We have over 20 years of experience providing fantastic outcomes for clients in the Ottawa area. We counsel clients on their hearing loss, and recommend amplification options based on your listening needs, lifestyle, and your budget. This personalized service is never rushed or pushy, we take the time required to ensure the best possible outcomes for you. Although , if you prefer to get things done quickly we can accommodate that as well, we always strive to match your needs in achieving better hearing outcomes.
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Why is Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming Important?

Hearing aid fitting and programming are crucial steps in the process of addressing hearing loss and ensuring that hearing aids provide optimal benefit to the individual. During the fitting, an audiologist or hearing care professional customizes the hearing aids to the wearer’s specific hearing needs. This involves adjusting settings such as amplification levels, frequency response, and sound processing to match the individual’s unique hearing profile.

Working with an audiologist for hearing aid programming and fitting ensures a higher level of expertise, personalized care, and long-term support to help you achieve the best possible hearing outcomes.  Three important factors for hearing aid fitting and programming are

Individualized Hearing Assessment

Customization for Comfort and Clarity

Ongoing Follow-Up and Fine-Tuning

Enhanced Speech and Understanding

Programming hearing aids is a highly personalized process that takes into account the type and degree of hearing loss, the wearer’s lifestyle, and their feedback. Modern hearing aids often come with advanced technology, including features like noise reduction, directional microphones, and connectivity options. Programming ensures that these features are configured appropriately to enhance speech understanding and comfort in various listening environments.

Benefits to Proper Hearing aid Fitting & Programming

Proper hearing aid fitting and programming offer a multitude of benefits, including improved hearing clarity, reduced listening effort, enhanced communication, and an overall better quality of life for individuals with hearing loss.


Improved Hearing


Reduced Listening Effort


Enhanced Comfort


Better Cognitive Function


Clearer Sound


Long-Term Satisfaction

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Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming FAQs

What is hearing aid fitting and programming?
Hearing aid fitting and programming involve customizing and configuring hearing aids to match an individual’s specific hearing needs and preferences.
Why is it important to have hearing aids professionally fitted and programmed?
Professional fitting ensures that the hearing aids are optimized for your unique hearing profile, maximizing their effectiveness and comfort.
How long does the hearing aid fitting and programming process take?
The duration varies but typically takes one to two hours, including an initial assessment and adjustments.
What factors influence the choice of hearing aid settings?
Factors include the type and degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, listening environments, and personal preferences.
How often should I have my hearing aids reprogrammed?
Regular follow-up appointments are recommended, usually every few months initially, and then as needed to address any changes in your hearing or preferences.
Can hearing aids be adjusted remotely or through smartphone apps?
Some modern hearing aids offer remote adjustment options, allowing audiologists to make changes without an in-person visit.
What should I expect during a hearing aid fitting session?
During a fitting, the audiologist will assess the physical fit of your hearing aids to make sure they are comfortable in your ears.  The hearing aids are programmed to your current level of hearing and calibrated to ensure a clear sound. Next, real-ear measurements will be completed to make sure you are hearing soft and average level sounds easily, and that loud sounds are not exceeding loudness discomfort levels. Finally, you will be counselled on how to clean and use your new hearing aids optimally.
Can I request specific features or settings for my hearing aids?
Yes, you can discuss your preferences and needs with your audiologist to customize the settings accordingly.
What if I experience discomfort or issues with my hearing aids after fitting and programming?
Contact your audiologist promptly for adjustments and troubleshooting. They can help resolve issues to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.
Are there warranties or trial periods for hearing aids?
We offer a trial period to make sure you find the right hearing solution for you. Our trial period is 60 days allowing you to test the devices and ensure they meet your expectations. We offer a standard 3 year repair warranty as well as 2 year loss and damage warranty on all hearing aids sold. Any in-house repairs and programming can be completed for the lifetime of the hearing aid purchased at Bright Hearing.

These FAQs can serve as a starting point for individuals seeking information about the hearing aid fitting and programming process. It’s important to consult with an audiologist or hearing healthcare professional for personalized guidance and answers to specific questions.

If you require further information or have additional questions about hearing evaluations, please do not hesitate to contact Bright Hearing for expert guidance and assistance.