ReSound OMNIA offers the only beamforming in the industry to improve hearing in noise without feeling cut off. It’s also the only hearing solution to simultaneously combine two benefits – narrow beamforming directionality for hearing in noise, plus omni directional listening – for a natural listening experience. The result? An incredible 150% improvement in speech understanding in noise.

Type: CIC, Half Shell, Full Shell, mini Receiver-in-Ear, Receiver-in-Ear, and Behind-the-Ear/ Power Behind-the-Ear
Hearing Loss: Mild- Profound
Battery Type: 10A, 13, or 312 Battery or Rechargeable

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Hear in noise and all around

Hear your best
Automatically tune in to what’s happening around you, from any direction.

Enjoy the natural sound of your voice
Join conversations and talk without your voice sounding loud or artificial to you.

Forget you're wearing hearing aids

All-Day Power
Enjoy your day without even thinking about your hearing. All-day battery power on one charge – even when streaming 100% of the time*.

All-weatherproof design
EVERY part of the hearing aid is protected with nanocoating for indoor and outdoor use.

Great conversations
Enjoy crystal-clear phone calls. Stream audio, calls and more

Your wireless headset
ReSound OMNIA™ is made for iPhone and iPad and works with Android™ devices. Stream hands-free calls for iPhone and iPad