ReSound ENZO Q, the hearing aid for severe-to-profound hearing loss, provides more than just the power you need. It brings together the connectivity, support and personalization you want for the best hearing experience in any environment.

Type: Behind-the-Ear/ Power Behind-the-Ear
Hearing Loss: Severe- Profound
Battery Type: Rechargeable

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Crystal clear, comfortable, high-quality sound

Severe-to-profound hearing loss requires a complete hearing solution that is more than powerful. ReSound ENZO Q is created with the most advanced technology so you can enjoy clear and comfortable sound, extensive connectivity options, and a 20% longer-lasting battery.

Experience the Power of Clarity
Clarity of sound is important in any environment. Personalize your hearing experience to any situation and know that ReSound ENZO Q technology is working to eliminate the annoying whistling or static noise even when you turn up the volume for comfort and clarity.

Hearing Better in Noise
It takes effort and energy trying to hear in noisy places. ReSound ENZO Q uses hearing aid microphones in a unique way that allows you to focus on the sounds you want to hear without losing access to the sounds around you. So follow group conversations more easily with less effort.

More options for connectivity and direct streaming
ReSound ENZO Q offers a complete ecosystem of connectivity which includes direct streaming capabilities from both iOS and Android devices. Stream your favourite music, audio book, talk on the phone or even get GPS directions streamed to both of your hearing aids. It’s as simple as using wireless stereo headphones

Seamless Listening Experience
ReSound wireless accessories can help you in challenging listening situations, from watching TV to bustling group conversations around a table. The accessories work together as an intelligent system and provide a seamless listening experience.

Stylishly Reliable and Robust
No matter how active you are, rest assured that ReSound ENZO Q is resilient and robust, and designed to withstand the demands of all users. ReSound ENZO Q features two powerful Behindthe-Ear models in 13 colors to suit your style. We know you rely on your hearing aids. Therefore, each ReSound ENZO Q hearing aid is treated with a protective iSolate nanotech coating, which repels water, earwax and debris to protect your hearing aids.