Own™ In-the-Canal (ITC)

Oticon Own In-the-Canal hearing aid is placed discreetly in the ear. With optional Bluetooth® wireless technology, Oticon Own In-the-Canal offers seamless connectivity to your favourite devices. It also offers an optional telecoil for enhanced listening in public settings with loop systems, such as the theatre or cinema.

Type: ITE
Hearing loss: Slight – Severe
Battery style: 312


Sound quality

Intelligent features
After scanning and analysing the sound scene 500 times per second to understand the complexity of the sound scene, the hearing aid can organize the sounds around you to create clear contrast and balance between sounds.

Sounds from the real world
This hearing aid is trained with sound scenes from the real world and is thereby able to balance the sound scene around you.

Better speech understanding
Get more out of your conversations with friends and loved ones. These hearing aids enhance speech understanding in both noisy and quiet environments.

Outstanding music experience
To give you amazing sound quality whether you’re listening to live music or streaming, we have created a dedicated programme called Oticon MyMusic.

Everyday use

Seamless connectivity
Enjoy a wealth of connectivity opportunities, like streaming music, talking on the phone and using Oticon ON App to control the hearing aids. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it all possible.

Hands-free communication
Make hands-free calls by streaming the sound from your phone or other device directly to your hearing aids, using the microphones in the hearing aids to capture your voice.

Easy to adjust volume and programmes
This hearing aid style has the option of a volume wheel and push button so you can easily control volume and change programmes.

Water and dust resistant
Oticon hearing aids are IP68-certified. That means they can withstand humidity and dust.